Britten-Norman has announced further plans for its presence in Malta with a signed Heads of Agreement with Malta Industrial Parks. The Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business of Malta, Chris Cardona, declared that Britten-Norman will begin operating from its newly allocated hangar at Malta International Airport.

With support from Malta Enterprise and Transport Malta, Britten-Norman is set to establish a civilian pilot training institution and a General Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre. Further down the line, Britten-Norman plans to develop a short sector passenger aircraft operation under an International Air Operator’s Certificate.

Over the next three years, Britten-Norman is expected to invest in premises, equipment and a new team in Malta to support its operations. Whilst the company is looking for people who are experienced in its fields of operation, there will also be opportunities for people who require some training to achieve their full development potential.

Britten-Norman has been a visitor to Malta for almost fifty years, but its real presence began over three decades ago with the Air Wing of Armed Forces Malta – a long-standing operator of the Britten-Norman Defender who recently signed a three-year agreement for Britten-Norman pilot training.