As part of the efforts to strengthen cooperation in air traffic management between Brazil and Europe, Tenente-Brigadeiro Jeferson Domingues de Freitas, Director-General of the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), the Brazilian air navigation service provider, participated in the 48th session of the EUROCONTROL Provisional Council.

The Provisional Council is responsible for implementing general ATM/ANS policy, as decided by the Permanent Commission, and for supervising the EUROCONTROL Agency’s work. The Provisional Council is comprised of the 41 EUROCONTROL Member States, 2 States having signed Comprehensive Agreements as well as observers.

Addressing the Provisional Council, Tenente-Brigadeiro Domingues underlined that the aim of the cooperation is to ensure the integration of air traffic flow management, collaborative decision making and the optimisation of knowledge exchange between the European and the South American continents. He also highlighted that DECEA is responsible for an airspace of 22 million km2, with 5 area control centres, 42 approach controls and about 13,000 professionals working across the country.

Cooperation between Brazil and EUROCONTROL is based on two agreements which were signed in 2015, ‘Mutual Cooperation in the Field of Air Navigation’ and ‘Rostering, Philosophies and Tools Agreement’. Brazil has also appointed Major Deoclides Fernandes as Liaison Officer, based at EUROCONTROL in Brussels and with the mandate to support the increased cooperation between DECEA and EUROCONTROL.