Povey has played a central role in developing and bringing to life Bonza’s vision and strategy at Australia’s newest low-cost carrier. Under her leadership, Bonza’s commercial team have brought a fresh approach to aviation with the world’s first app based airline, gender neutral uniforms and an all Aussie menu served on-demand amongst the achievements list.

Povey joined Bonza with airline start-up experience under her belt having been part of the team to launch award-winning Jet2.com in the UK. Her expertise in airline start-ups and brand creation and enablement across the entire customer journey, and a deep care for customer experience, coupled with her passion for positive disruption and change-making in organisations including Australia Post, made her the perfect fit for Bonza’s start up phase.

“Carly has played a fundamental role in setting Bonza up for long-term success. Her strategic vision has set the scene for the next generation Chief Commercial Officer to join our team of legends as we move on from our initial start-up phase. Through Carly’s leadership, we have defied the odds to make aviation history on many levels,” said Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza.

“Amongst Carly's strengths are her ability to think strategically, apply critical thinking, bring her team along for the journey and build lifelong relationships with partners. She does all of this with a huge dose of energy and humour. We wish her all the success in the world and thank her deeply for her commitment to Bonza,” added Jordan.

Two years ago this week, Bonza announced its initial route map with a focus on connecting travellers from A to B without transiting through major city airports or taking long car rides. From there, Povey led the team to create and build the Bonza brand, building an engaged army of followers on the way and launching 38 routes and three bases in total. The decision to only sell flights directly through the Fly Bonza app has been embraced with Aussie consumers with around 1.27 million individual downloads and over half a million people choosing to book flights through the app. Carly has also been a deep advocate for supporting local, with 41 local producers now partnering to feature onboard flights.

In a continuation on the theme of deeply believing in providing broader economic benefit to the regions, and value across the entire travel experience, Povey and her team recently launched Bonza Holidays which is set to revolutionise package holidays in Australia and follows best practice of low-cost carriers internationally including Jet2.com.

“I joined the start-up crew at Bonza to play a key role in creating the best experience in the skies, to connect communities and deliver much needed positive change to the industry including an offshoot holidays business. Two years in, having set the business up for long term success, now is the time for me to move on to my next challenge, which I’ll start after a much needed Summer break, and which will see me move outside of my comfort zone and pursue new learning and development opportunities,” said Povey.

“Whilst this was not an easy decision, I leave behind a very capable team and an airline that has firmly solidified its place in the market and can now focus on continuing to learn and deliver the basics very well, earning the right to grow​. I am beyond thankful to Tim, our Bonza legends and 777 Partners for the support they have given me and the chance to build an airline. I’d love to also take the opportunity to thank our partners, including airports, and customers who are a big part of Bonza’s success so far.

“I love this business and truly believe in Bonza’s mission and will forever be cheering them on from the sidelines,” she concluded.

Povey will finish in her role on 7 December and the search is underway for the next generation of CCO.

Bonza is Australia’s new and only independent low-cost airline enabling Australians to explore more of their own backyard for less. Bonza’s current route map includes 3 bases and 38 routes to 21 destinations with a focus on the unserved and underserved markets. Bonza is the first airline globally to take an app first approach with the only place to book direct being the Fly Bonza App. The airline was also the first globally to introduce a gender-neutral ‘wear it your way’ uniform including custom Bonza sneakers. Bonza’s all Aussie menu is the first onboard menu to be 100% sourced locally and is ordered on-demand from the Fly Bonza app meaning there are no trolleys to be seen onboard.