Pursuant to Bombardier Inc.’s (“Bombardier”) notice of redemption dated March 7, 2019 (the “Notice”) relating to all of its outstanding 7¾% Senior Notes due 2020 (the “Notes”), Bombardier today announced the calculation of the redemption price for the Notes. The redemption price for the Notes will be US$1,049.17 per US$1,000.00 principal amount of Notes, consisting of the Make-Whole Premium of US$1,044.86 per US$1,000.00 (based on a Treasury Rate of 2.403%, as calculated by Bombardier on April 2, 2019), plus US$4.31 in accrued and unpaid interest to but excluding the redemption date for the Notes, all as calculated in accordance with the terms of the indenture governing the Notes.

The redemption date for the Notes is April 5, 2019, as set forth in the Notice.