The Boeing Company has rolled out it first Boeing 787–10 in Charleston, South Carolina. President Trump attended the roll out ceremony.

Largest Dreamliner

The Boeing 787–10 is to be exclusively built in Boeing’s South Carolina plant, since the fuselage sections are too big for transport in the dedicated Dreamlifter. I will be the first wide body aircraft to be exclusively built outside of Boeing’s Everett factory.

The -10 features the same wing as used on the Boeing 787–8 and -9, but has an 18 feet fuselage extension. The extension allows airlines to carry up to 330 passengers in a typical 2-class configuration. The turbofans deliver roughly 6% more thrust to get the aircraft off the ground. Since the wing parameters have remained the same, the range of the -10 has come down to roughly 6,430 nm.

The Boeing 787–10 accounts for roughly 20% of Boeing’s unfilled order book for the Boeing 787–10. The biggest customers for Boeing’s longest Dreamliner are Etihad Aiways and Singapore Airlines, each of which has ordered 30 Boeing 787–10 aircraft. Singapore Airlines is likely to become the biggest customer for the type once it has finalized a deal with Boeing, which also includes the Boeing 777–9. The Asian carrier is set to become the first operator of the -10 in 2018, making it the launch customer as well as the launch operator.

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