Blueberry Aviation is thrilled to announce it has entered into co-operation with Job Air Technic and Roth International to offer nose-to-tail long term parking, storage, maintenance as well as dismantling and recycling services at Ostrava Airport in the heart of Europe.

Ample available space, a runway suitable for any commercial aircraft type including the largest widebodies, one of the largest maintenance hangar complexes in central Europe and dedicated painting facilities combined with the expertise of specialist companies in asset management (Blueberry Aviation), aircraft heavy maintenance and modification (Job Air) as well as dismantling and recycling (Roth Int.) makes this an invaluable location any aircraft owner or airline potential needs in relation to grounded or recovered assets in the current ongoing market correction:

  • Large storage and parking facility for up to 100 aircraft
  • 17,000 sq meter hangar
  • MRO capability
  • Periodic inspections, de-preservation, disassembly and re-certification services
  • Certified AS 9100 and EN ISO 14001
  • Flexible short to long-term parking
  • On-site EASA Part 145 MRO,
  • 24 / 7 operation and security
  • Competitive storage rates
  • Located within European Union with international flights connections
  • No import / export taxes and duties
  • Specialist recycling capability meeting the strictest environmental protection standards

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