Monaco, 14 December 2022 - As it enters its 20th anniversary year, Blueberry Aviation is pleased to announce that it has recently delivered the last of eleven ATR72-600s to US lessor Jetstream Aviation Capital.

This delivery marks the completion of a repossession and remarketing project which started in 2021 following Avianca’s Chapter 11.

Blueberry Aviation was mandated by the French and Italian Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) to support the negotiation with the airline and manage the full repossession project. This included the on-site physical and records inspections as well as the valuation of the fleet, recovery from three different countries, ferry to and storage in France, managing the aircraft insurances as well as the remarketing and redelivery of the entire fleet to its new owner.

Allen & Overy acted as legal advisor to the ECAs.

“The delivery of these aircraft is a true reflection Blueberry Aviation’s unique expertise. This project which took 18 months to complete is a demonstration of our team’s professionalism, requiring the highest level of technical, legal, commercial, administrative, project management skills and total dedication to the project.

The strong level of teamwork and cooperation with the ECAs and their legal advisor also played a key role in this successful process,” said Francois Gautier, CEO and founder of Blueberry Aviation,

“I am particularly proud to announce this delivery as my team and I prepare to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company.

We look forward to working on more asset management projects and aircraft placements for our customers. Blueberry Aviation remains committed to providing outstanding services to all our aviation clients with bespoke end to end solutions.”