Bird Aviation is pleased to announce the extension of its partnership with one of the largest ACMI operators Avion Express for the upcoming base maintenance season. This agreement, effective from October 2024 through April 2025, will see Bird Aviation performing maintenance on ten aircraft from Avion Express' fleet. Under this partnership, Bird will be responsible for conducting two-year checks, encompassing comprehensive nose-to-tail inspections and maintenance.

Bird Aviation known for its high-quality maintenance services and industry expertise, will provide the necessary resources and skilled personnel to execute the maintenance program seamlessly. This partnership not only enhances the operational readiness of Avion’s fleet but also ensures minimal downtime, maximizing the efficiency of its operations during the busy maintenance season.

Frederic Pralus, CEO of Bird Aviation, comments: 

“We have established a strong relationship this year with Avion Express, which was also concretized by the addition of two transition checks at the end of the season. The signature of these ten checks for the next season is the recognition of our abilities to fulfil the requirements of the leading ACMI operator in the world. We, at Bird Aviation are really proud to contribute to this success story. This new stage in the collaboration between Bird Aviation and Avion Express, built on mutual trust and a shared commitment to excellence in aviation services, is a further step towards even stronger future cooperation.”

Eray Kurum, Head of Base Maintenance at Avion Express, expressed satisfaction with the heavy maintenance checks performed by Bird Aviation last winter and mentioned that the extended partnership will enhance their base maintenance capabilities this season: 

"Avion Express" is a constantly growing ACMI Company. With development plans, we are focused on quality and effective partnerships. This new maintenance contract will enable us to maximize base maintenance efficiency and flexibility in slot allocation from nose-to-tail while maintaining high standards of quality and adherence to on-time delivery performance." He emphasized the contract's significance in advancing their operational capabilities and ensuring consistent service excellence.