BB Airways now plans to sell its sole B757, serial 23850, which is powered by RB211-535E4 engines. Carrier is also looking for partners for conversion or part-out of the aircraft and would consider partnering on certain overhauls -- engines and landing gears. The aircraft is presently in long-term storage.

The planned sale follows reports that the Nepal CAA asked the government to delay issuing an operating license to the private carrier until the expansion of Bhairahawa airport is complete.

The ex-Nepal Airlines B757, which was recently purchased and still needs an overhaul, was meant to join the fleet of BB Airways had the carrier secured its license. The airline is now at least one and half years away from beginning operations, according to the latest announcement.

BB Airways now appears to be changing plans, as the aircraft will be sold.

BB Airways is an aviation and tourism company with interests in aircraft management, maintenance services, tourism and aviation.