BAA Training steps up a notch by implementing its European expansion plans. This time, it has established an MRO in Spain called Avia Repair Co based at Lleida-Alguaire International Airport. After a certification process, it will start providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services to BAA Training itself at the beginning and other corporate clients in the future.

This type of service will be third in the mix of services BAA Training already provides in Spain. The academy has a long record of carrying out flight training in its two bases - at Lleida-Alguaire International Airport and Castellón Airport - under the scope of the Ab Initio School. It has also recently opened a simulator Training Centre in Barcelona that is fully functional today.

Evgenij Grachiov, Chief Operating Officer at BAA Training, says: „BAA Training has realized the necessity of creating such an organization for a while now. Having a dedicated local MRO that entirely concentrates on quality maintenance activities ensures the safety and airworthiness of the academy’s fleet in its Spanish bases. Once Avia Repair Co gains momentum, it will also offer its MRO services for external customers.“

Avia Repair Co has started looking for quilified engineers and mechanics to join the company and plans to recruit at least 10 employees in 2021 alone.

Goncalo Antonio Nunes Penedo, appointed Director at Avia Repair Co, comments: „Avia Repair Co will apply the know-how of European quality standards in MRO and aim to ensure adequate turnaround time. For making it possible, the company will recruit profoundly detail-oriented maintenance experts with related experience to work in its fully-equipped hangar located at Lleida-Alguaire International Airport.“

MRO services for BAA Training Ab Initio School’s fleet

BAA Training conducts all-year-round flight training due to having a fleet of 22 aircraft – 11 single-engine Tecnam P2002, 2 multi-engine Tecnam P2006 and 9 single-engine Cessna 172. All of these aircraft distributed over the two flight bases in Spain will be inspected and maintained in Avia Repair Co’s hangar.

Tecnam P2002 and Cessna 172s are used for VFR and IFR training and Tecnam P2006 are used for MEP training.

At the moment, these aircraft are meeting the flight training needs of Turkish Airlines student pilots, independent ATPL students, and more. Moreover, BAA Training has an open admission to LOT and SmartLynx Cadet Programs.

Not the first MRO within BAA Training’s parent company ASG

Avia Repair Co is already the 12 MRO becoming a part of the Avia Solutions Group (ASG). Therefore, by establishing an MRO, BAA Training does not get involved in an entirely unknown business field and has trusted sources within the group that guarantees knowledge sharing, and spear part supply support.

The company will cover routine or pre-planned maintenance, usually scheduled depending on the number of hours flown since the last maintenance check, the number of cycles, or the airplane’s age. Moreover, it will perform ad-hoc maintenance activities.