Azimuth Airlines announced plans to transport about 2 million passengers within the first year utilizing 12 aircraft, starting with charter service in August, and regular service in September 2017. Initial routes include service from Rostov to Moscow, and from Rostov and Krasnodar to Simferopol. The airline's business model is based on serving the Southern and Northern Caucuses, connecting Krasnodar, Rostov, Sochi, Mineralnye Vody to Volga, Ural and Siberia, as well as transit flights through major CIS hub airports to Europe. Executive management is headed by Chairman Pavel Udod, Executive Director Eduard Teplitsky and General Director Pavel Ekzhanov.

Azimuth expects to take delivery of its next four SSJ100s by March-April 2018, with a total of eight aircraft - including the two already received - in the airline's fleet by summer 2018. Two more to arrive in early 2019, and another two by early 2020. By March 2020 there will be 12 SSJ100s in the fleet, with 8 of them being firm contracts, and four being options. Additionally, another 4 of the type are expected around 2021-2022. The airline has also invested US$3.8 million in a spare parts warehouse to assure flight reliability.