The newly combined company will see industry veterans Barry and Casiano working together to grow the Avtrac platform.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 12, 2023 – Avtrac, a leading provider of continuing airworthiness management and technical consultancy services to the aviation industry, is pleased to announce its merger with M3 Aviation Group. This strategic merger brings together two esteemed independent technical consultancies, solidifying the newly combined company as a global presence for the lifecycle management of commercial and private aviation assets.

A Synergetic Merger: Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group

The merger brings together industry veterans Valentine "Tino" Barry and Marcial Casiano Jr., who, with decades of experience working with airlines and leasing companies before their entrepreneurial endeavors, have supported thousands of aircraft asset projects. Mr. Casiano Jr. will assume the Head of Global Asset Management role at Avtrac, overseeing asset due diligence and vendor management worldwide.

This merger is a significant milestone for Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group, as it combines their expertise, resources, and networks to provide unparalleled services to clients in the aviation industry. The merger enables Avtrac to expand its global reach and further enhance its technical consultancy, asset management, and aircraft remarketing support capabilities.

Marcial Casiano shared his vision: "The combined focus of both teams as a single organization taps into a wealth of resources and expertise that will fuel us into future growth. Our joint venture expands our technical capabilities' target customer base and brings operational resources together while broadening the executive leadership team's network."

Extensive Industry Experience and Expertise

Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group collectively boast over 100 years of experience managing commercial aircraft and powerplant types. Their track record includes working with a wide range of clients, from small regional to large national flag carriers, banks, leasing companies, and third-party industry suppliers.

Both companies have a deep understanding of the aviation industry's regulatory standards and airworthiness authorities, including the FAA and EASA. This expertise enables them to provide comprehensive technical consultancy services and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Comprehensive Range of Services

The merger of Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group brings together a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of the aviation industry. These services include:

Technical Consultancy and Asset Management

Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group offer technical consultancy services that cover the entire lifecycle of aircraft assets. Their experienced teams provide expert guidance on asset management, technical oversight, and in-service aircraft support. With their deep knowledge and understanding of aircraft operations, they help clients optimize the performance and value of their fleets.

Aircraft Remarketing and Transition Services

The combined expertise of Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group in aircraft remarketing and transition services is unparalleled. They have successfully managed numerous aircraft transitions, working with industry-leading operators, lessors, and financiers. Their comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and efficient transition process, minimizing downtime and maximizing the value of the assets.

Asset Evaluations and Due Diligence

Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group have extensive experience conducting unbiased evaluations and due diligence assessments for aircraft assets. Their teams perform thorough evaluations based on operational, structural, and market conditions, providing clients with accurate and reliable asset evaluations. These evaluations are essential for decision-making processes such as aircraft acquisitions, leasing agreements, and portfolio management.

Technical Records Management

Proper management of technical records is crucial for the efficient operation and maintenance of aircraft assets. Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group offer specialized services in technical records management, ensuring that all necessary documentation is organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible. Their expertise in virtual record reviews and aircraft records control systems ensures compliance with industry standards and facilitates smooth audits and inspections.

Global Reach and Commitment to Excellence

With a robust global presence, Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group serve clients across continents. Their network of skilled professionals, combined with their commitment to excellence and operational efficiency, sets them apart in the industry. They leverage their extensive industry connections to stay updated on market trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements, enabling them to provide clients with the most informed advice and solutions.

Looking to the Future

The merger of Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group marks a significant milestone in the aviation asset management industry. By combining their expertise, resources, and networks, they aim to continue delivering exceptional services to their clients and drive innovation in the field. Their shared vision is to be the go-to partner for aviation stakeholders, providing reliable, comprehensive, and tailored solutions that maximize the value of aircraft assets.

Avtrac Founder and Chairman, Tino Barry stated "Having previously worked with Marcial prior to M3 and knowing a bit about his approach as a technical consultant, we are pleased with the operational benefits he will bring to our organization. It is my belief, that combined, we can broaden our service offerings while maintaining the customer-centric focus our clients deserve."

As Avtrac and M3 Aviation Group embark on this new chapter, they remain committed to exceeding client expectations, maintaining transparency, and upholding the highest standards of professionalism. Their combined capabilities and industry experience make them well-positioned to navigate the ever-evolving aviation landscape and deliver lasting value to their clients.