Calgary, Alberta (May 8, 2024) — Avmax Group Inc. (Avmax), a leading provider of aviation solutions, proudly announces the successful delivery of MSN 7107 (CRJ 200) to Renegade Air (Kenya). This milestone marks a significant step forward in bolstering Renegade Air’s fleet capabilities and underscores Avmax’s commitment to supporting regional aviation expansion in Africa. 

Captain Issack, Executive Chairman of Renegade Air, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are very excited to introduce the CRJ 200 aircraft into our fleet. Avmax has demonstrated a solid understanding of the African market and proven to be a reliable partner. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with them.” 

Steve Hankirk, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Avmax, echoed Capt. Issack’s sentiments, emphasizing the strategic significance of this collaboration. “Renegade Air has steadily built an impressive fleet of regional turboprop aircraft,” said Hankirk. “We are pleased to support their expansion into regional jet operations and look forward to seeing MSN 7107 enter operations soon.” 

Scott Greig, Senior Vice President and Head of Avmax Aerospace Leasing Inc. (AALI), highlighted Avmax’s commitment to supporting regional aircrafts in Africa. “We are pleased to support Renegade Air with the introduction of the CRJ 200 into their fleet,” stated Greig.” Avmax continues to support regional airlines on the African continent by providing reliable and well-maintained aircraft. Our spares facility in Nairobi is further positioned to support airlines like Renegade with their spares requirements.” 

Avmax Group Inc. remains dedicated to powering aviation by providing trusted solutions and fostering partnerships that drive growth and innovation within the industry.