European summer season at Avion Express is off to a successful start. All together 11 aircraft are ready to operate from the United Kingdom, Iceland, and Germany. This year, the focus has gone on the supplying lift for the Thomas Cook Group with four Airbuses operating out of the United Kingdom (Cardiff, Manchester, and Newcastle) and three from Germany (Cologne, Stuttgart, and Munich). Other three aircraft will be operated on behalf of WOW Air in Iceland. The 11th aircraft will be deployed to the continent in late June — just in time for the high season.

The hard work has not stopped there though. We are also very proud to introduce a newcomer, namely, the A321 aircraft. In fact, not just one — a total of three aircraft of this variation have been added to the fleet, all operating on behalf of Thomas Cook Airlines and Condor.

“The introduction of these aircraft gives more choices to our customers in the constantly expanding market”, commented the Avion Express President & CEO, Gardar Forberg. He then went on to say that “Avion Express emphasises on providing tailor-made solutions for its clients, and introducing these aircraft with the increased capacity of 220 seats is a direct answer to our customer needs”.

Vilnius-based Avion Express and its subsidiary airline in the Dominican Republic, Dominican Wings, have a total of 17 Airbus 319/320/321 aircraft worldwide.