Avion Express is pleased to announce that it has sold its 65% stake in Dominican Wings to the President of the company, Mr. Victor Pacheco. After establishing the company, a little over three years ago it is now time to pass the baton to Mr. Pacheco who will now be 100% owner of the airline. Chairman of the board of Avion Express Mr. David Masson stated that “we are proud to have contribute to the establishment of Dominican Wings especially since there was a great need of an airline in the Dominican Republic at the time”. Mr. Masson went on to say, “We feel that his vision for the company and the aviation sector of the Dominican Republic is correct, for the airline and the country”. Avion Express President and CEO Gardar Forberg stated that “Victor´s contribution to the establishment of the airline was crucial and he is convinced that Victor will now succeed to take the airline to the next level. We will continue to guide and advice Victor in his endeavors, not only as a former partner but also as true friends”. Mr. David Masson is also the new Chairman of the board for Dominican Wings.

Avion Express is a European Airline, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, operating 17 Airbus 319/320/321 aircraft worldwide.

Victor Pacheco President of DW is pleased to announce and confirm his purchase of the 65% shares owned by Avion express, so the airline is now fully owned as a Dominican Entity, He is very pleased with the support Avion express have given since the inception of the airline 3 years ago, His vision for the airline and aviation sector of the DR is very positive and new plans for the airline will be announced soon, bringing exciting times.