In 2018, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts a 6%-rise in air traffic, compared to the previous year. Average passenger traffic in geographical Europe already grew by 7.4% during the first month of the year, while the non-EU market showed an increase of 14.6%.

On a global scale, passenger air travel is expected to maintain positive growth rates up to 2030. In order to sustain themselves and increase their performance, a lot of airlines are dealing with the demand by relying on ACMI services. This, in its turn, not only reflects positively upon the additional capacity for regular commercial airlines, but also provides new opportunities for ACMI providers.

Specifically, the largest narrow-body ACMI provider in the world – Avion Express – is pleased to announce its production results for the first quarter of 2018. In Q1 2018 the airline flew over 8,400 block hours, increasing the last year’s number during the same period by almost 12%.

Earlier this year Avion Express provided its forecast on block hour production in 2018. The company expects to have flown around 47,000 block hours by the end of 2018, breaking the previous year’s result by 14%, and thus reaching an all-time high.

Avion Express is the largest narrow-body ACMI operator in the world. It has been successfully working with clients in Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean regions. In 2018 Avion Express will operate 18 Airbus A319/320/321 aircraft serving its clients worldwide.