Who is mba?
Since its founding in 1992, mba has established itself as a leading provider of management consulting strategies, independent valuations, analytical solutions, regulatory and quality assessments, and safety auditing for investment banks, airlines, lessors, and government agencies worldwide.

mba carefully isolates itself from any conflict of interest, real or perceived. It is important to remain truly independent. As such, mba has developed a reputation as trusted advisors to the industry’s leading decision makers, offering each client expertise, integrity, and quality.


Aviator chose to add valuations from mba as they are an industry leader and because such data compliments our product. As Aviator grows, we aim to provide the tools to deliver quality content in a timely manner, including news, transactions, listings, and now valuations. Currently our partnership with mba offers current base value and current market value of today’s commercial fleet. We are glad to be partnering with mba on this.

For more valuations data, be sure to visit mba at www.mba.aero.

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