Aviation Capital Group LLC (ACG), a leading aircraft asset manager, announced today that it structured and provided the secured financing of six Boeing 737-800 aircraft for Southwest Airlines (Southwest).

This financing marks the first use by ACG’s Aircraft Financing Solutions (AFS) program of its recently closed $650 million secured funding facility. The facility includes an accordion option that can be exercised to provide up to $1 billion in total commitments. Through this facility the AFS program is now able to utilize a diversity of financing structures to provide ACG’s airline customers with complete solutions to their fleet needs.

“ACG is very pleased that use of the AFS facility allowed us to broaden our relationship with Southwest. Although the AFS program will continue to provide loan guarantees, in this instance, use of our secured funding facility allowed us to very quickly respond to Southwest’s needs and provide financing within six weeks of being mandated,” said Andrew Falk, Managing Director of ACG.