Avianor Inc. and Lufthansa Technik A.G. of Hamburg, Germany are
pleased to announce the signing of a Cooperation agreement. The
agreement provides Avianor with access to Lufthansa Technik's Base
Maintenance modular services in the areas of Planning, Engineering,
Materials, Logistics and Benchmark performance data. With Lufthansa
Technik's centralized Base Maintenance Services Avianor can benefit
from the data and experience of thousands of aircraft maintenance
events. Therewith Avianor increases its quotation accuracy and has
the potential to greatly improve event TAT due to precise work
preparation and enhanced planning and material support.

With these resources at its disposal, Avianor can accelerate its
growth, increase customer service and quality and offer clients world
class back office support.

"This agreement allows our relatively small MRO to compete more
equally with the larger players in our industry," said Earl Diamond,
CEO of Avianor. "Being a subscriber to Lufthansa Technik's modular
services, Avianor took the first step to be part of Lufthansa
Technik's global network".

"We are pleased to welcome Avianor as Cooperation partner to foster
the strategic development for modular services of Lufthansa Technik's
Base Maintenance network," said Thomas Rueckert, Vice President Base
Maintenance Services at Lufthansa Technik.

Over the next six months, the roll out of these new services will be

Further developments of already identified potential in other fields
of collaboration are planned to widen the range of cooperation in the