After a meeting held today in Bogotá with the civil aviation authorities of Colombia and Venezuela, Avianca (AVH) (BVC:PFAVH) announces the decision to suspend flights to and from Venezuela.

Given the overall difficulties in operating to and from Venezuela, Avianca will discontinue its services between Bogotá and Caracas (2 daily flights) and between Lima and Caracas (1 daily flight) effective as of August 17th. Starting today, tickets for these routes will not be available for sale.

This decision is driven by the need to run Avianca’s operations according to aeronautical international standards, which will translate into improved airport infrastructure and guaranteed operational consistency. However, Avianca will evaluate this decision once the civil aviation authorities perform technical due diligence in order to resolve operational and safety related concerns.

Hernán Rincón, Avianca’s CEO, noted: "After more than 60 years of continuous service in Venezuela, Avianca regrets having to make this difficult decision, but our obligation is to guarantee the safety of our operations. Once the airport provides the right conditions to operate, we’ll be willing to resume flights.”

Avianca regrets the impact this decision may have on customers. As it has done so far, the Company will honor commitments to travelers, employees and suppliers in Venezuela.

Ticket holders flying on or after August 17th are entitled to request a full refund through or Avianca’s customer service contact centers.