Aventure Aviation has acquired for teardown a complete Boeing 757-200, MSN 23850. In addition, Aventure Aviation has been awarded the rights to manage the sale and dismantle of 2(two) Rolls Royce RB211 Engines, ESN 30656 and ESN 30624. The dismantling of the airframe will commence next week in Kathmandu, while the engines will be relocated to Atlanta within the next month.

The former Nepal Airlines aircraft was being maintained as a flyer until the current owners made the decision to sell off the assets. Included in this package is a GTCP331-200ER APU, as well as heavy weight landing gear.

"Our aim has always been to supply quality after-market parts with full trace and useful remaining life," said Aventure VP of Operations, Talha Faruqi, who thoroughly inspected the aircraft. "The purchase of MSN 23850 furthers our capabilities to support our growing 757 and 767 customer base " he continued.

"Furthermore, our growth into the engine management sector with the RB211s, along with our recent acquisition of a package of CF34-3B1 engines, is a big step for Aventure, " Mr. Faruqi added. “Increasingly, we are getting tremendous support from both financial institutions and airlines to take on their end of life assets.

All harvested parts will be inspected on-site, and shipped to Aventure's main facilities in Peachtree City, Georgia, USA, located near Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Once refurbished, the harvested parts will soon be available to end users on an exchange as well as outright basis. Aventure is also presently considering the acquisition of several other Airbus and Boeing aircraft, focusing on end-of-life aircraft for dismantling purposes.