· The additional Boeing 777 with the registration OE-LPF arrived safely at the airline’s home airport in Vienna
· The aircraft shines in the new design and with special labelling to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Austrian Airlines

The latest addition to the Austrian Airlines fleet, a Boeing 777 aircraft with the registration OE-LPF (in the airline language Lima Papa Foxtrot or briefly Papa Fox) landed for the first time at Vienna Airport today at 3:55 pm. The Boeing 777 was previously in Hong Kong, where it was modified for four months to meet Austrian Airlines standards. From there it was transferred to Vienna today with the flight number OS 1472. As soon as the aircraft reached the Austrian airspace, it was accompanied by two Eurofighter-jets of the Austrian Air Force within the context of an interception training conducted by the Austrian Armed Forces. However, the Eurofighters had to turn off earlier because a thunderstorm brewed over Zeltweg in Styria.

The Boeing 777 is the first aircraft in the Austrian Airlines fleet to feature the new design. The wide-bodied aircraft with a length of 63.7 meters shows adaptations to the brand identity for the first time, as well as special labelling on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Austrian Airlines. A disproportionately large “60” can be seen on the right side in the flight direction, and two people in flying postures are depicted on each side. The flying posture is derived from the 60th anniversary campaign of Austrian Airlines. In this context, Austrian Airlines employees are shown as if they were flying in line with the motto “Austria is flying.”

The long-haul fleet of Austrian Airlines now consists of six Boeing 767 and six Boeing 777 aircraft and is thus complete. The Boeing 777-200ER has a height of 18.8 meters, a length of 63.7 meters and a wingspan of 60.9 meters, making it the largest aircraft in the Austrian Airlines fleet. It offers room for 306 passengers. The “Triple Seven”, as the aircraft is called in the airline sector, has a range of up to 11,500 kilometers after loading. It will be deployed by Austrian Airlines on flights to Bangkok, Chicago, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and will also be used in the summer months on flights to Los Angeles, Tokyo and Bejing as well as to Mauritius, Colombo, New York (JFK and EWR) in the winter season, and also to Cape Town starting on October 27, 2018.