Austrian Airlines has renewed and expanded an agreement with GE Aviation to provide Flight Operations Quality Assurance (eFOQA) software and technologies across its fleet of more than 80 aircraft.

"We value Austrian Airlines' commitment to innovation and quality," said Adam Ward, European executive for GE Aviation. "Austrian is one of the early users of our eFOQA software and has been a customer since 2005. The extended functionality will enable the airline to better manage operations with flight analytics as its fleet continues to grow."

GE Aviation's eFOQA service uses flight data generated by the aircraft and its systems and applies proprietary data management and analytics technology to help Austrian Airlines better manage its fleet, providing previously unavailable insight into its operations.

"We highly appreciate the eFOQA service provided by GE," said Dr. Jochen Mickel, senior director Safety & Compliance Monitoring Ops for Austrian Airlines. "On the one hand, the secure cloud based solution ensures the infrastructure costs within our company are kept to a minimum (e.g. reduced hardware requirement), thus reducing costs and internal efforts - and on the other hand, the eFOQA service grants flexible high-speed access to GE's Event Management System (EMS) accompanied by excellent product support. As a result, we successfully focus on improving safety in our operation using the sophisticated EMS FOQA software."

GE's eFOQA analytics service is an online solution for airline flight data monitoring/FOQA programs. eFOQA provides speed, accuracy and scalability to proactively manage risk in flight operations. The core offering provides data ingestion, processing analytics, and has options for expanded data sources, analytics editing, and data exporting/integration with systems. The connectivity suite allows deeper integration of the valuable flight data and analytics- previously available only to safety analysts - with other systems in the airlines operations, providing insights to a range of departments in the airline.