Both convinced of the climate emergency and the need to act, AURA AERO and AELIS announce their long-term collaboration on ERA, AURA AERO’s hybrid-electric regional aircraft.

AELIS will provide global marketing and sales services to AURA AERO and will source a panel of financing and leasing solutions to promote AURA AERO products. Through this collaboration, AURA AERO aims at further developing its customer base using the 20+ years of experience of AELIS on the regional aircraft market, its industry expertise and its worldwide network of operators and lessors.

ERA is a commercial aircraft designed to carry up to 19 passengers. ERA offers the most modern features expected from a 2020’s design, such as increased safety through the adoption of fly by wire and modern avionics, paving the way towards autonomous flight capabilities. The aircraft is integrated in a digital ecosystem, providing its operators with a digital twin to optimize its flight operations and maintenance. ERA is an excellent performer, with a low CO2 emission ambition, unbeatable economics and the highest recyclable rate aim of the industry.

AURA AERO and AELIS are currently setting up a group gathering the launch customers for ERA, dedicated to the successful definition of the aircraft, by covering many topics and aspects that are key for operators and lessors.
200 ERA aircraft are already on order, and AURA AERO has selected AELIS to benefit from its expertise and contribute in developing the promotion, marketing and sale of ERA, in order to act pragmatically to decarbonize aviation.

“We are so proud to contribute with AURA AERO and to act together, to decarbonize aviation” says Philippe Lienard, CEO of AELIS. “Airlines need a new aircraft that is modern, an excellent performer, economic, and potentially ZERO Emission. Climate emergency requires immediate action, and ERA is the most credible way to act in aviation”.

Jérémy Caussade, Co-founder & President of AURA AERO adds: “We have found in AELIS a partner who shares our core values, in order to achieve, using digital and modern technologies, an aircraft that allows safe transportation of passenger and cargo, with an extremely low emission rate and unbeatable economics”. “By partnering with us, AELIS will contribute to make ERA the next industry standard”.