Toulouse, 8 February, 2021 – ATR has appointed Tiziana Masullo Managing Director and President of ATR Americas, a subsidiary of ATR, effective from December 2020. Based in Miami, Tiziana previously served as Vice President of Services Sales and Contracts, and succeeds Jurgen Lebacs. Tiziana will oversee a staff of 32 people, covering the following areas: Technical support and Safety, Training and Flight Ops, Services Sales and Contracts, Customer Material Support, GMA & Repairs, CSDs and FSR, Finance and Human Resources.

After graduating from ITC Serra with a diploma in Foreign Languages and Literature, Tiziana began her career with Leonardo, before moving to ATR where she has spent 27 years. With a lengthy background and many leadership positions in Training, Flight Operations and Services Sales, as well as Contract Negotiation, Tiziana brings a wealth of experience to her new role. She is also the first woman to lead one of ATR’s subsidiaries.

Tiziana has two children, David who is 22 years old and is studying sociology at London School of Economics in London, and Nikita who is 18, who lives in Miami studying to be a veterinary assistant.