Ascent Aerospace – Integration Europe, a tier one integrator of turnkey aircraft assembly lines, has been certified to the new AS9100 rev D international aerospace quality standard, also referred to as EN9100:2016, and which includes certification to the updated ISO9001:2015 standard. All aerospace suppliers undergo an audit and qualification process to demonstrate conformity to requirements concerning quality, safety, continuous improvement, risk management, project management and other key performance metrics.

Ascent received the first EN9100:2016 certificate issued by AFNOR Certification in France, which works with some 900 companies in the aerospace sector. Representatives from AFNOR commemorated the achievement with a presentation of the certificate at Le Bourget Paris Air Show earlier this month. Representatives from AFNOR shared specific points, found by the auditor, which contributed to the successful audit and certification, including "a good vision of the context, challenges and identification of the stakeholders expectations," "a high level of skill for all employees," "a strong technical expertise" and "a good knowledge of the regulations."