Arnaud de Bussac has joined the Executive Committee and reports directly to Cédric Goubet, CEO of Safran Nacelles. He is responsible for supervising strategic thinking and the related action plan, in order to enhance the company’s positioning in its core market.

Arnaud de Bussac, aged 51, is a graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and also has a Master of Science degree. He joined Snecma* in 1991 as a mechanical engineer. In 1994, he was appointed head of foundry materials & processes. Three years later, he became coordinator of the foundry competence centre and then foundry line manager in 2001. In 2004, he was named general manager of the foundry unit dedicated to the production and development of turbine airfoils.

He joined Safran Nacelles in 2010 as Vice President Procurement & Partnership and member of the Safran Nacelles Executive Committee. In early 2016, he was appointed Vice President Purchasing.