• ・"AirJapan" will be an entirely new brand for medium-haul international routes, aiming to provide a thoughtful and caring passenger experience with a newly created service concept.
  • ・The new airline will offer customers a variety of options in its services rooted in the Japanese culture as well as a comfortable cabin space at an affordable price.
  • ・The first commercial flight is planned for the second half of FY2023.

TOKYO, March 8, 2022 - ANA HOLDINGS and Air Japan Co., Ltd. today unveiled "AirJapan", a new airline brand for medium-haul international routes.

Previously in fall 2020, ANA Group announced a new airline brand as part of the transformation of its business model to pursue sustainable growth and the ability to quickly respond to a wide range of customer preferences. We are excited to announce that the brand name, logo, and aircraft design have now been finalized, and preparations are underway to prepare for its launch in the second half of FY2023. The exact routes and specific dates of the scheduled first flight is still under consideration as ANA is closely monitoring trends in the recovery of demand for international flights.

"We are excited to begin unveiling AirJapan and the selectable service and comfortable cabin experience it will offer passengers," said Hideki Mineguchi, President of Air Japan. "By focusing on medium-haul international routes, the ANA Group will be better equipped to meet emerging trends for international travel at a competitive price. We are proud to be part of the team that is increasing options for travelers while also bringing the same commitment to quality and safety found across the ANA Group."

1. Brand concept
The brand philosophy can be summed up in the phrase "Fly Thoughtful", which expresses the airline's caring, thoughtful and gentle approach. As an airline that is friendly and caring to all, we aim to create a completely new kind of air travel experience based on both Japanese ideas and a commitment to quality.

2. Brand logo, colors, and aircraft design
The brand name "AirJapan" was selected in order to convey to people around the world that we are a Japanese airline, and to remind customers that we offer "Japanese Quality" in all that we do.

The logo is based on the "(Ai)r" and "J(apan)" featured in the brand name, and is inspired by the image of a kind and thoughtful hand-to-hand interaction.

The brand's color combines the traditional Japanese colors "Ai (indigo)" and "Akebono (sunrise)". The indigo color expresses the skills and careful technique involved in the traditional Japanese art of indigo dyeing, a complex process which requires "Trust & Thoughtfulness" from the artisan. The sunrise color was inspired by the spring season of Japan and represents comfortable warmth to demonstrate our commitment to "Comfort & Care".
The trademark application for the "AirJapan" company logo has been filed as well.

3. Background of the brand statement

  • ・Our goal is to create a completely new kind of air travel experience that is neither a full-service nor low cost carrier (LCC), combining the best of both worlds while also featuring Japanese-style ideas and quality.
  • ・As expressed in the phrase "Where people get more of what they want," we will provide select options that customers actually want from the services offered by full-service carriers.
  • ・As expressed in the phrase "Less of what they don't," customers who prefer a simple trip and do not require additional options can reduce their travel costs.
  • ・The fares will be offered at an affordable price range similar to low cost carriers.
  • ・As the phrase "Comfort you've always needed" conveys, we will provide a comfortable cabin space for all passengers on our new medium-haul international flights.

Details of the in-flight specifications and services will be announced at a later date. We hope you look forward to traveling with "AirJapan"- an airline that is neither a full-service airline nor an LCC, but an airline that is thoughtful to all.