·   ANA will consolidate its freighter operations to Narita Airport to maximize profitability.

·   Cargo operations will continue to utilize ANA’s fleet of 11 freighters.

·   To meet the strong demand, ANA will maintain flexible operations and utilize passenger aircrafts for cargo operations as well.

TOKYO, Feb. 5, 2021  –  All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest 5-Star airline for eight consecutive years, announced its cargo freighter schedule for Fiscal Year 2021.

The key points for FY2021 are as follows:

·           ANA will raise the profitability of its cargo operations by consolidating its freighters at Narita Airport to meet demand for cargo deliveries to Asia, China, North America and Europe via Narita.

·           In addition to maximizing the usage of ANA’s fleet of 11 freighters throughout the network, ANA will supplement cargo operations and add both charter flights and non-scheduled commercial flights to meet demand and maintain operational profitability.

·           ANA will introduce new destinations and routes, depending on the market demand and assessment of its profitability.

·           Going forward, the operation of cargo-only passenger aircraft flights will be assessed depending on demand forecasts.

·           The Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub will allow ANA to meet the growing demand for transportation to and from Okinawa by shifting the business model from cargo aircraft base to a more flexible operation model relying on the utilization of cargo space of passenger aircraft (including those operated by Peach Aviation and other partner airlines), ANA will meet the growing need for more transportation of e-commerce and other goods. *1