Ameriflight Components and Exchanges, the newly established parts and trading business of Ameriflight, LLC, announced today the procurement of a large Beechcraft 1900 inventory. The acquisition marks a multimillion-dollar inventory purchase for the company that opened its doors last November.

The acquisition from GlobalParts primarily consists of Beechcraft 1900 parts and includes over 3,300 parts lines and over 80,000 parts. The parts team has begun the cataloguing process and has many of the items listed for sale already. Interested parties may contact the company directly or search the ILS and PartsBase marketplace platforms.

“We’re proud to have finalized this multimillion-dollar deal with the great people over at GlobalParts. This inventory listing is familiar to us; we have experience successfully selling and buying Beechcraft parts, so this was a great fit,” said Ameriflight Components and Exchanges General Manager Dawn Deitmen. “Our goal is to provide various services, including acquisitions like this, within the supply chain to respond to our customers’ diverse needs. We’re proud to be able to offer this variety of aircraft parts to the market and are excited for the growth opportunity it presents to our new company.”

“Our team is accomplishing a lot in this new space. Securing this transaction is another example of growth for Ameriflight Components and Exchanges,” said Ameriflight Chief Executive Officer Paul Chase. “I look forward to seeing the continued developments and achievements.”