Amelia (by Regourd Aviation) has signed lease agreements with AerCap for three Airbus A320 aircraft.

The first aircraft has been successfully accepted by Amelia in April 2024, and the final two aircraft will be delivered in the coming weeks. 

"With the delivery of this A320 aircraft, Amelia (by Regourd Aviation) shows its commitment for growth and for our ACMI franchise. By the end of 2024, we will have added three A320 to our fleet; we will split our Airbus fleet (totaling 6 aircraft by the end of 2024) between our French AOC and our Slovenian AOC. AMELIA’s teams would like to thank AerCap, and their partners, for their cooperation with the delivery of this aircraft. We look forward to working with them as the remaining aircraft are delivered. We are also pleased to welcome new crew to operate the aircraft added this summer", said Alain Regourd, CEO of Amelia.