Ameco is keeping pace with the aviation maintenance industry by the rapid development on the new-generation aircraft maintenance.

In this February, Ameco completed its first 3C-check on a Boeing 747-8F operated by an international customer. In this May, Ameco provided its first 2C-check for a Boeing 777-300ER.

Ameco has been providing Boeing 787 maintenance service for the global customers since 2014. Up to now, four international customers have selected Ameco for maintenance service on their Dreamliner aircraft in China. Moreover, Ameco starts line maintenance and releasing services for Air China's Boeing 787 fleet from May of 2016. It is planned to do the letter check on Boeing 787 in the coming two years.

In addition to Boeing 787, Ameco starts its Airbus A350 maintenance service since November of 2015, when Ameco offered its first Airbus A350XWB releasing service for Finnair in Shanghai.

Based on Air China fleet plan, Boeing 737MAX, Airbus A350XWB and Airbus A320neo will be coming in two years. Ameco is ready for the maintenance capabilities on these three new aircraft types. It is predicted that Ameco will add Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737MAX C-check in the coming one or two years.

Furthermore, Ameco continues to expand modification and retrofit capabilities. In 2016, Ameco completed its first Sharklet retrofit on an Airbus A321 for Air China. In 2017, Ameco wins Sharklet retrofit on seven A320s for a domestic customer. The deep development on modification has also laid a sound basis for the future diverse maintenance services for the new-generation aircraft.