Brasilia, Brazil (October 18, 2017) - ALTA (the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association), IATA (the International Air Transport Association), and Brazil's Ministry of Transport through the Secretaria Nacional de Aviação Civil met this week at the Secretaria Nacional de Aviação Civil office in Brasilia to discuss the state of aviation in the region, as well as challenges, potential for improvement and growth in Brazil.

The meeting is the first step of carrying out joint cooperation and information exchange between the air transport industry and Brazilian authorities in order to facilitate the growth, development and improvement of Brazil's aviation.

While there are many challenges, the cooperation of all stakeholders will strengthen the path to growth in one of the most important markets in Latin America. Brazil carried 20.8 million international passengers and 88.7 million domestic passengers in 2016.

"As Latin America's biggest economy rebounds from one of its worst recessions, we are pleased with this week's meeting with Brazil's Secretary of Civil Aviation and look forward to an open approach and collaboration through discussions between the government and the air transport industry in order to find efficient and effective opportunities to address challenges and the continuing process to further improve and grow the aviation industry supporting the Brazilian economy, " said ALTA's Executive Director Luis Felipe de Oliveira. "Aviation is a vital engine driving economic growth and working in cooperation between the industry and Brazilian authorities will generate benefits for passengers, airlines, airports, and Brazil's economy and communities."