AJW Group has launched its European MRO facility, AJW Technique Europe, located near Gatwick Airport.

The MRO begins with a specialisation in battery repair, including deep cycle, top charge, cleaning, re-blocking, regular service, overhaul, test and recertification for all commercial aircraft main, auxiliary, and emergency power supplies.

The battery capability is delivered via the acquisition of Avia Component Services, whose skilled and certified Technicians will continue to provide a seamless, full service immediately. ​

The MRO has been strategically positioned to meet AJW Group’s flagship customers’ needs. AJW Technique Europe will deliver the same outstanding customer service and quality that customers of AJW Group’s state-of-the-art, MRO facility, AJW Technique, in Montreal have enjoyed for almost 10 years.

Despite the pandemic, AJW Group has continued to transform, grow and deliver to get closer to its customers and to provide an unrivalled expertise and experience.

Full details of the capabilities and services offered by AJW Technique Europe can be found on our website – https://www.ajw-group.com/mro/ajw-technique/about-us/

Christopher Whiteside, Chairman and CEO of AJW Group, comments:

“We are delighted to announce the strategic expansion of our world-class maintenance services into Europe, enabling us to continuously meet and exceed regional customer needs.”

Sajedah Rustom, CEO of AJW Technique, comments:

“We are immensely proud and excited to expand in Europe, where we look forward to delivering our highly-regarded, innovative repair services and solutions, on the doorstep of all the European airlines.”