7th November 2019 – AJW Group, the world-leading independent specialist in the global management of aircraft spares, has today announced the formation of a new joint venture to help drive its growth in China.

The joint venture will be called AJW Greavia Limited and has been established with Hong Kong-based, Greavia Limited to enable AJW Group to better serve the booming Chinese aviation market.

AJW Greavia Limited will be led by the retiring Chairman of AJW London, Randeep Grewal, who will drive its focus on strategic commercial aviation opportunities with selected Chinese partners.

Greavia Limited is part of Greran Group, which complements AJW’s aviation business interests in aircraft and component maintenance, engineering, maintenance programmes, ground operations, planning and aircraft leasing.

Randeep Grewal, Chairman of AJW Greavia Limited, comments:

“I have worked with the senior team to identify regions that present opportunities for growth. During this time, we have focused acutely on the Chinese market - one we believe is a key driver of the aviation industry and for AJW’s future operations.

“With the formation of AJW Greavia, we look forward to playing a more active role in the Chinese marketplace.”

Christopher Whiteside, President and CEO of AJW Group, said:

“Randeep Grewal, as the leader of Greran Group, is a highly experienced and trusted partner of our business.

“Having worked together for many years, I have every confidence that together, we will develop business opportunities for AJW Group in the Chinese region.”