AJW Group has announced the expansion of its power-by-the-hour (PBH) contract with Canadian carrier Air Transat.

AJW Group originally signed a long-term PBH contract with Air Transat in 2013 to provide support for the airline’s Airbus A330 aircraft, and the expanded contract will now support their increased Airbus A330 fleet, which has grown by 33% since the start of the contract.

Christopher Whiteside, President and CEO of AJW Group, said: “We are proud of our work with Air Transat and are delighted to see the expansion of our contract with them. This reiterates the strength and deepening of our partnership and the value of our power-by-the-hour service. We look forward to continuing our growing relationship with Air Transat in the years ahead.”

AJW Group is well known for providing competitive power-by-the-hour services for modern, commercial Boeing or Airbus aircraft. There are no restrictions or limitations on fleet size and AJW guarantees the supply, repair and overhaul of rotable components within all ATA chapters to their latest modification status.

Mr. Jean-Francois Lemay, President of Air Transat, said: “We are satisfied with the service provided by AJW Group over many years. The Group has the knowledge and experience to support our maintenance needs as we continue to grow our operations and serve our customers.”