Airhub Airlines invites you to submit your proposal for our RFP: AANB-230522 seeking the provision of Six (6) Airbus A320-200 or Boeing 737-800 on an operating lease, financial lease, outright purchase, lease-to-purchase, or managements basis.

Summary of Aircraft Eligibility Criteria:

  • Aircraft type: A320-200 or Boeing 737-800
  • Number of aircraft: Up to six (6) aircraft
  • Aircraft age: Twenty (20) years and younger
  • Compliance: EASA compliant
  • LOPA/Configuration: Preferably fully economy class (Y)
  • Maintenance Events: No heavy maintenance tasks or direct investment should be due within 3,000 hours, 1,000 cycles, and 18 months
  • Maintenance Reserves: ┬áProposed rates should include a table of adjustment for a broad rand of hour to cycle ratios and de-rate