AirExplore, a Slovak airline and member of Avia Solutions Group, the world’s leading ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) service provider, has recently signed a contract with Enter Air – one of the biggest charter airlines in Europe. Beginning in May 2024, AirExplore will be wet leasing 4 Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Enter Air for a period of 6 months, ending in October of the same year. Two of the leased aircraft will be based in Katowice, one in Wroclaw, and another in Poznan.

“The upcoming summer is shaping up to be exceptionally busy for all charter operators, and we are glad to be able to provide Enter Air with the capacity they require,” said Martin Stulajter, CEO of AirExplore.

Enter Air intends to operate the aircraft across Europe, taking holidaymakers to Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and other popular destinations on the continent, such as Greece and Spain.

“As the travel industry has fully recovered after the pandemic, demand for chartered flights is rapidly increasing. This summer, we will be offering a host of new destinations for travellers, which requires expanding our fleet. We are thankful to AirExplore for this partnership, which allows us to serve more customers during the high season,” Andrzej Kobielski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enter Air.

Established in 2009, Enter Air is Poland’s largest charter airline. The company has 7 permanent operational bases in Europe.

AirExplore is Slovakia’s premier airline, specialising in both passenger and cargo transport. Established with a vision to provide top-tier aviation services, AirExplore operates under the prestigious banner of Avia Solutions Group, leveraging cutting-edge solutions and industry-leading expertise to deliver unparalleled service quality.