AirExplore, a Slovak airline and a member of Avia Solutions Group, the world's largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) service provider, is expanding its cargo capacity. Last week, the company took delivery of 3 B737-800 full freighter aircraft. The new addition to the fleet brings the overall fleet to 17 aircraft, with 9 used for passenger and 8 used for cargo operations.

By operating and constantly expanding its fleet with Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, the airline is able to use less fuel per passenger and per ton of cargo carried, emit less CO2, and reduce noise footprint. The newly added cargo aircraft will be strategically positioned at European and Middle Eastern airports. 

According to Martin Stulajter, CEO of AirExplore, the expansion of its cargo fleet marks a new milestone in the company’s journey: "With the rise of e-commerce volumes around the world, air freight operations are becoming more and more viable. At the same time, I expect phase out of older aircraft types operating cargo routes for newer types like our B737-800 NG series."

Having started operations in 2010, today AirExplore is Slovakia’s largest airline, working on a charter and ACMI basis with a wide range of clients. The company’s expanded cargo fleet is set to enhance the capabilities of leading global logistics firms.

AirExplore is Slovakia's premier airline, specialising in both passenger and cargo transport. Established with a vision to provide top-tier aviation services, AirExplore operates under the prestigious banner of Avia Solutions Group, leveraging cutting-edge solutions and industry-leading expertise to deliver unparalleled service quality.