STUGGART, AR. July 9, 2018 -- Last week, the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) announced the election of Brent Webb, VP of Technology Integration, CAVU Aerospace, to its Board of Directors. AFRA is a membership-based global collaboration to elevate industry performance and increase commercial value for end-of-service aircraft. AFRA represents companies from across the globe and throughout the supply-chain from OEM’ to materials recyclers.

The nominations were put forward on the membership voting ballot, and the AFRA member company votes were tallied and reviewed. Board eligibility is restricted so that no more than 50% of the Board members can come from any one country, and no two Board members can be affiliated with businesses where either has a controlling interest in the other (i.e., partnership, ownership, shared investment, etc.).

“I am honored to have been elected by the membership composed of so many high-quality companies. As I have watched AFRA grow since its inception it is a privilege to serve an organization that is committed to high standards in aircraft end of life solutions,” said Webb.

”CAVU believes strongly in the core values of AFRA and we are thrilled with this election. As sitting members of many industry improvement AFRA committees, pioneering solutions like CAVU SmartTagsTM will provide better transparency of material and help support the mission of AFRA” said Ken Kocialski, CEO & Partner at CAVU Aerospace.

As of June 2018, CAVU Aerospace has completed over 400 dismantles since its inception and 59 just in 2018.