AirBridgeCargo will be adding London Heathrow to its network. The cargo carrier will be operating 2 flights per week starting November 3rd.

AirBridgeCargo expansion

London Heathrow becomes the 14th European of the Moscow headquartered carrier. With the addition AirBridgeCargo aims to connect the UK with the Asia, via Moscow. 29% of UK’s export went through London Heathrow last year. So it is clear that AirBridgeCargo wants to make use of this and also London Heathrow has set up an investment program for the next 10 years to remain and become a more meaningful cargo hub.

AirBridgeCargo currently has 24 destinations in 11 countries and achieved a In achieved a 22% increase in tonnage ex Europe in the first 9 months of 2016.

The flow of goods between Europe and Asia has been one of the things that has allowed the carrier to grow. The carrier has a total of 18 aircraft in service and additonal outstanding orders with Boeing for the Boeing 747–8I. The airline has a total of 17 Boeing 747s in service, 8 of which are -8Fs. The carrier has unfilled orders for another 4 -8Fs and is incrementally firming up its commitment to take delivery of 20 jumbo jet freighters.

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