SEPANG, 24 April 2024 – AirAsia Aviation Group (“the Group”) has announced the appointment of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes as an Advisor and Steward to its Group Chief Executive Officer, as the airline Group embarks on a new era of transformation and growth. 

As the co-founder of AirAsia, which is widely acknowledged as the best low-cost airline in the world for the past 14 consecutive years, the Board of Directors at AirAsia Aviation Group unanimously approved Tony’s appointment, based on his exceptional entrepreneurial track record and unparalleled expertise in the aviation industry. 

Having built a market-leading airline, starting with just two planes to become one of the world's largest low cost carriers places Tony favourably to advise the Group, especially in scaling its airline recovery and growth strategy amid global headwinds such as rising fuel costs, hyper-competition, and a volatile economic climate. His insights and guidance were acknowledged to be crucial as AirAsia looks to grow its business profitably across the globe while maintaining its core value of affordability, propelling the Group towards its vision of becoming a leading, well-governed global airline.

Tan Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim, Chairman of AirAsia Aviation Group said: “As we embark on a new era for our airline Group, Tony's visionary leadership, exceptional entrepreneurial ability, global industry knowledge and relationships, will not only ensure continuity but also will assist in the next significant transformation phase. This is integral as we prepare AirAsia Aviation Group to become the overarching leading regional aviation provider for the best value for short, medium and longer-haul routes spanning Asia and beyond. 

“In his new role Tony will not only provide strategic oversight to AirAsia Aviation Group, including expansion and succession planning, he will also be the key conduit between Capital A and the aviation business ecosystem to ensure all mutual opportunities are leveraged for maximum benefit. In addition, Tony will continue ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders including tourism and government, lessors, bankers and suppliers including Airbus and GE.”

Bo Lingam, Group CEO of AirAsia Aviation Group said: “Without a doubt, there is no one more fitting to assume the role of our strategic Advisor for the airline Group, as we set our sights on growing to new heights with significant plans for the future. Tony’s extraordinary vision and drive will ensure we can deliver on our strategy to become the most popular and profitable value-driven airline Group in the region and beyond.

“In the short term, we remain  focused on our airline recovery and growth strategy - to build the most incredible network that can’t be surpassed. This will be achieved by putting the right foundations in place to provide greater connectivity at the best price, alongside an enhanced guest experience which will ultimately drive stronger shareholder value.” 

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Advisor and Steward at AirAsia Aviation Group said: “I am excited about what the future holds for AirAsia Aviation Group. With our robust airline expansion strategy, we will be able to soar to greater heights as a formidable combined force in our category, with enhanced connectivity and greater flexibility with the added ability to look to fly to places we have never flown before in the future.

“Value, inclusivity, innovation and serving the underserved are key cornerstones of the AirAsia brand. As an airline Group with over 300 new specification, longer range, low emissions aircraft on order, we will be able to look to cover the majority of continents, including also Europe, Africa and the US, ensuring we are always flying profitably with great value fares. 

“At the same time, as CEO of Capital A, this appointment will enable me to not only oversee my strong senior leadership team in aviation but to also ensure maximum leverage opportunities with our digital ecosystems we focus on becoming the leading aviation, engineering, cargo, logistics and travel platform of choice for everyone - not only in Asean where our foothold is strongest,  but across the globe in the future. ”