In January 2022, the LOTAMS maintenance base customer portfolio was expanded by French airline Air Tahiti Nui. The carrier entrusted the Polish MRO leader with the maintenance of one of the of the most modern aircraft in the world - Boeing 787.

The cooperation between LOTAMS and Air Tahiti Nui began in January with the performance of two C-type heavy maintenance checks by the company's qualified personnel. It is worth noting that these were the first maintenance activities performed at LOTAMS on a Boeing 787 with GEnx engines.

Back in 2021, we won a contract to service the aircraft of the Air Tahiti Nui fleet. Two heavy checks performed by LOTAMS at the beginning of the year initiated our Polish-French cooperation. Today, our maintenance plan for the coming months includes further base maintenance of aircraft from the Air Tahiti Nui fleet, which will be performed at the LOTAMS technical base in Warsaw. We are proud to have won another foreign customer, who entrusted us with the maintenance of Boeing 787 - comments PaweĊ‚ Szymanek, Director of Sales Department at LOTAMS.

LOTAMS personnel involved in the base maintenance of both aircraft completed all scheduled maintenance tasks within the allotted time (TAT), and these included numerous modifications and bulletins including replacing fuel line covers on the engine, repairing damage on the aircraft structure after a lightning strike, replacing upper reverse bumpers, replacing potable water access panels or heat exchangers (NGS Heat Exchanger and Quad Heat Exchangers). An extra task ordered by the operator was the functional testing of the rescue gangways, which was also performed by LOTAMS personnel. The scope of inspections of both aircraft was very similar, however, on one of them, fuel pump damage (inside the central tank) was additionally checked.