Air Serbia will begin re-introducing flights from Belgrade to a number of destinations until the end of June, connecting the Serbian capital with more than 20 cities in its international network. In addition to that, the national airline will on 29 June increase the number of trans-Atlantic flights to New York to three a week. During July, it is planned to start with flights to additional cities, which will increase the total number of destinations to around 40. All these plans are preliminary and the start of the recommencement of these flights will depend on several factors, and above all on the lifting of travel restrictions in individual countries, as well as demand.

The national airline currently operates flights to Amsterdam, Banjaluka, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, London, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Vienna and Zurich. In the period of 15-30 June, Air Serbia is planning to again start operating flights to Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Istanbul, Podgorica, Prague, Sofia, Split, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tirana and Tivat. During July, it is planned to recommence flights to Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Kyiv, Larnaca, Madrid, Milan, Nice, Pula, Rome, Skopje, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Venice, Zadar and Zagreb. In August, the Serbian national airline plans to re-connect the region with Russia, recommencing flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

“We are delighted to recommence flights to such a large number of destinations, and in this way make an important contribution to the recovery of air transport in the region. We are glad that, after a very challenging period, we are able to lead the recovery of one of the economic sectors which were affected by the coronavirus pandemic the most. We are among the first in this part of the world to start flying again, we are gradually increasing the weekly number of flights, and we continue to adapt our flight schedule to the future development of the situation,” said Duncan Naysmith, Air Serbia CEO.

In June, the national airline will begin re-introducing flights from its two other home airports in Serbia. Starting today, 16 June, from Niš Konstantin Veliki Airport, flights to two destinations were added, and on 30 June, will be added three more. On 30 June, Air Serbia will commence flights from Morava Airport in Kraljevo to Vienna.