The new Airbus A330, which will be used by Air Serbia on its flights to New York, is scheduled to arrive at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport on Saturday, on 24 April. The wide-body passenger jet, named after Nikola Tesla, will sport a different visual identity than the rest of the Serbian national airline’s fleet and it will be embellished with a stylized image of Serbia’s famous scientist and inventor. You can check out the airplane painting process HERE.

Air Serbia’s new jet got its unique look in Shannon, Ireland. The painting process, which included the use of 22 different colours and approximately 250 litres of paint, took eight days of non-stop work in three shifts, with teams of around ten people per shift.

The modification of Air Serbia’s existing design will only be applied to this aircraft, which has dynamic lines symbolizing movement and speed, while the main detail is on the tailfin, in the form of Nikola Tesla’s image. The distinctive blue colour, as a part of the national airline’s corporate identity, was chosen to be the main colour of Tesla’s image, which required 19 different shades of this colour to produce.

“The arrival of the Airbus A330 jet to its new home in Belgrade is a very important event for Air Serbia. It is a great honour for us to have one of our planes carry the name and image of Nikola Tesla. The fact that this great genius, who is from our region, but spent most of his life in New York, adds to the importance and the symbolism of his image on the airplane which will be connecting Belgrade and the Big Apple. This is one of our flagship routes and we are certain that the arrival of the new plane will enhance the customer experience and success of the route, which connects the entire region with the United States of America”, said Air Serbia CEO Duncan Naysmith.

Manufactured in 2008, the new airplane is a year younger than the previous jet of the same type in Air Serbia’s fleet, and its previous operator was the Russian national airline, Aeroflot. The aircraft will be registered in the Serbian aircraft registry under YU-ARB. Unlike Air Serbia’s first Airbus A330, registered as YU-ARA, the new airplane will have Rolls-Royce engines. The latest addition to the national airline’s fleet will have a configuration with 21 seats in Business class and 236 in Economy.

The new menu was inspired by Nikola Tesla’s diet regimen and it is based on three key words that can be used to describe his work and patents – Energy; Frequency; Vibration. The menu for Economy and Business class passengers, created in collaboration with chef Zoran Mišković, was inspired by Tesla’s childhood, his student days and his life in New York. Passengers will be able to find all the meals, carefully designed to satisfy the standards of even the pickiest gastronomy lovers, in the menu marked with the letter T – Tesla’s way.

The first A330 Airbus, YU-ARA, which served in Air Serbia’s fleet from 2016 until 31 March 2021, operated 819 round trip flights to New York, carrying a total of 319,712 passengers on this route.

More information about the activities of the Serbian national airline can be found on the Air Serbia Media Centre web page.