Recently, Air Malta has been going from strength to strength. In the last six months it has added thirteen new routes to its schedule including three to Europe. It has increased the daily utilisation rate of its aircraft to 12 hours in winter and 14 hours in summer. And its passenger numbers in February 2018 were 26,000 more than in February 2017.

To satisfy this activity, Air Malta currently has a fleet of eight aircraft, all Airbus A320-200.

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said the national airline will continue its strategy to become the premier airline in the Mediterranean: “This strategy means that we need more capacity, especially in the summer.”

The airline will take delivery of its ninth aircraft, another A320-200 in April.

And in June it will receive its tenth aircraft but this time an Airbus A320neo at a cost of 80 million Dollars.

The A320neo is the latest in the A320 series. First flown in 2014, it is significantly more fuel efficient and has a greater endurance. To date, 255 A320neo have been sold worldwide.

Minister Mizzi said the new aircraft’s operational costs will be lower than for the rest of the fleet by maybe 11% to 17% depending on the route.