Pieter Bootsma, currently Chief Revenue Officer Air France-KLM, has been appointed Deputy Managing Director in charge of Strategy for the Air France-KLM group.

He will define and implement Air France-KLM's long-term strategy, in coordination with all of the group's stakeholders. It will identify development opportunities in its various entities.

Angus Clarke is appointed Deputy Managing Director, Chief Commercial Officer.
He will chair the Commercial Committee which oversees all commercial activities within the Air France-KLM group.

Pieter Bootsma and Angus Clarke will sit on the group's Executive Committee, under the leadership of Benjamin Smith, CEO of the Air France-KLM group. Their appointment will be effective as of September 1 .

“With 30 years of experience in our group, Pieter will lead our Strategy team to build a global evolution plan to make Air France-KLM Group a leading group in the future of aviation. It will have to lead and improve an innovative economic model so as to adapt to our environmental ambitions. These objectives will be among Pieter's priorities. said Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM.

“I am very happy to find Angus within the Air France-KLM group. He will take over the activities of Pieter in addition to managing the group's fleet. Angus brings us his deep and rich expertise in aeronautics and he will now be able to guide the sales teams to optimize and improve our production gains. »