Air France-KLM (the "Company") announces today the final results of its tender offer (the "Tender Offer") launched on 3 September 2018 to repurchase any and all of its EUR 600 million subordinated perpetual notes issued in 2015 with a first repayment option on 1st October 2020 at the Company's discretion (ISIN: FR0012650281), issued in 2015 and of which EUR 600 million is currently outstanding before completion of the Tender Offer (the "Notes").

Notes for a nominal amount of EUR 194.5 million, representing 32.4% of the outstanding Notes were presented and accepted for repurchase. As a result, the nominal amount of the outstanding Notes after completion of the Tender Offer is EUR 405.5 million.

With this transaction, the Company continues to optimize its financing costs and actively manage its balance sheet structure.