Important organisational changes have taken place within Air Atlanta Icelandic, as of 1st of January 2019:

• Hannes Hilmarsson, Air Atlanta’s CEO since 2006 will assume a new role as the Executive Chairman of Air Atlanta Icelandic and Managing Director of Air Atlanta’s sister company, Northern Lights Leasing.

Consequently, the following organizational changes have taken place:

• Baldvin M. Hermannsson becomes Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Atlanta Icelandic. Baldvin joined Air Atlanta in 2001, has served in various positions within the Company and overseen an array of projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle-East. Baldvin has held the role of Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing since 2008, been a member of Air Atlanta’s Executive Committee and led the business development and all sales activities of the airline ever since. Baldvin holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Akureyri and studied at Vienna University of Economics & Business.

• Unndór Jónsson takes on the role of Vice President Sales & Marketing. Unndor was with Air Atlanta from 1996 until 2007 in various flight operations roles and re-joined Air Atlanta in 2018 as Director Travel. Unndor has worked for other airlines such as Avion Express, Wow Air and worked for a period of time with Saga Capital Investment Bank. Unndor is a state authorized stock broker and holds university degrees in biology and media.

The main objective with these changes to Air Atlanta’s corporate structure is to increase the focus on Air Atlanta’s fleet growth and fleet renewal going forward; to strengthen the business development and strategic planning of Air Atlanta and its sister companies; and to further enhance the company’s aircraft investment strategy.

Statement from Hannes Hilmarsson, the Executive Chairman:
“AAI has come a long way since I became CEO in 2006. Following a colourful period of a merger, fleet downscaling and losses we managed to turn the company around with profitable operation for the last decade. In recent years we have focused on building up an efficient fleet of Boeing 747-400s while retiring older and inefficient aircraft at the same time. On average, we’ve inducted three new aircraft to the fleet each year while we’ve at the same time returned or retired four, which has kept the organization very busy during this fleet transition period.

I am personally convinced that these management changes will make a good Company even better, and at the same time strengthen the airline for the next chapter in Air Atlanta‘s successful history.”

Statement from the CEO, Baldvin M. Hermannsson:
“It is with pride and great enthusiasm that I take on the role of Air Atlanta's Chief Executive Officer. I know the company and its fantastic team of professionals intimately, as well as the industry and the challenges ahead after 10 years in charge of Sales & Marketing.

Today our fleet counts 12 Boeing 747-400s, a mix of passenger and freighter aircraft, plus one Airbus 340-300 that we manage on -CMI basis for one of our clients. Looking towards the future, we have another fleet renewal on the horizon, as the availability of good B747-400s is limited and our existing fleet will start to fade out gradually in a few years’ time.

Air Atlanta Icelandic has a great history, dedicated and hard-working employees and has accumulated a wealth of experience and competencies that are hard matched in the industry. It is on these foundations that the Management team intents to move Air Atlanta Icelandic further into twin engine operations in coming years, whilst at the same time retaining our flexibility and reputation as a quality, reliable operator.”