During November 2021, Air Astana engineers carried out C-Check maintenance for the first time at its modern engineering centre, at Nur-Sultan airport. This C-check was performed on one of Air Astana’s Airbus A321 aircraft.

Earlier this autumn, Air Astana was certified by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) to perform this high level of maintenance. Air Astana historically carried out heavy maintenance C-checks in Europe, Russia and China.

C-Checks are a complexity of heavy maintenance tasks, performed at least every three years, prior to the completion of 12,000 flight hours or 8,000 flights, whichever occurs first.

Robert Dando, Senior Manager of Maintenance at Air Astana said: “During the C-Check we perform inspections to ensure the safe condition and continued safety of the aircraft and routine replacement of items that have a life expiry time. The most complex replacement on this check is the landing gear lower bearing replacement. We also perform modifications which enhance the safety of the aircraft. The tasks are performed using our own mechanics and engineers. In total over 450 tasks have been performed, including refurbishment of the passenger compartment, replacement of bearings and elements of air conditioning system, modifications of avionics and diagnostics of engines and other systems.”

Once the C-check is finished and the release certificate signed, the aircraft will have a quick verification flight and then it will return straight back into revenue service. The next C-check will be performed in December 2021, which will be followed by 6 more in 2022 at Nur-Sultan.